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Launching day in Stockholm

Today we are celebrating the introduction of our business community campaign...and we are immensely honoured that Eva Karlsson, CEO of Houdini Sportswear and a supporter of the ecocide law idea, chose to drop the first official "cliffhanger" at the symposium "MIljöstrategidagarna" in Stockholm.

Thank you Eva for your support and encouragement and for saying Yes to the ecocide no-brainer!

All businesses and organizations (and individuals) are welcome to SAY YES and register as a supporter here

A no-brainer in the making...

Eva Karlsson, Houdini, opening up the curtain for the campaign to be...a truly valuable cliffhanger delivered by a true leader and change maker.

A new supporter, Eva Karlsson with Elin. Bergman, Cradlenet (Circular Economy Queen Of Sweden). Launching a No-Brainer for the sake of Mother Nature may sound obviously easy, but we are humbled in front of the paths ahead and will value every single company, organization, and individual who chose to actively support the idea of a fifth international crime and take on the task to inspire the politicians on their market to speed up the decision making for its establishment.


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